Wreaths (DEMO)

by Wreaths

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released August 28, 2014

Bradley Tiffin - guitars, bass, vocals
Josh Hatten - guitars, vocals
Mark Cruz - drums



all rights reserved


Wreaths San Antonio, Texas

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Track Name: Nightmare Perpetual
Only white surrounds me
Lost within my dreams
I embody no soul
Wandering a numb mind

Nightmare perpetual
Transcending the sky

Indigo sky darkens
Into the clouded gray
Feeling the absence of you
On the cold, wet pavement

In my palms
I hold a life
In my palms
I hold a death
Track Name: From All Light
Weekend warrior
Come out to play
Enjoy the sun
The end of days

Wicked spires
They test my might
Enjoy the sun
Enjoy the night

Crystal passage
Third eye opened wide
Dystopia is nigh
Quintessence of darkness
Astray from all light
My judgement forlorn

Complacency takes me
The grip is tight
Abstract thoughts commence
A blur, intense

The stars align
As do our paths
May we coincide
With bliss, at last
Track Name: Shiver
80 on 10
Just a black foundation
With little to see ahead
3a.m. and shivering
At the thought of how
She managed to move on

Is my heart gone
Or is it buried
Beneath regret

Her conscience turned blue
From start to end
Her lies of love "killed" me
As I fell for her every night

So I remove you

I'm torn asunder, again